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2015-05-25 19:24:43 by Jetly

I tried to make a deviant art to dump drawings on, but it wouldn't let me for a number of reasons, so fuck it. Can't help feel like I might have dodged a bullet. People will just have to figure out a different way to steal my shit.


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2015-05-25 20:22:27

just use tumblr for that.
DONT WORRY! its not the whole site which is a SJW echo chamber and cry babies, theres another part of tumblr, filled with artists who share their works together.
seriously, that site is great for sketches & wips dump

Jetly responds:

Thanks for the advice dude! as soon as Deviant art failed me I went over to tumblr and tried to figure it out.


2015-05-28 12:11:56

I skipped that shit like nobodies business. I felt like I dodged a bullet too. Now I have a tumblr, it's interface (in a way) is more pleasing than GREEN EVERY-FUCKIN-WHERE.

Jetly responds:

Not a good green either!