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Entry #12

Getting back on the horse, that I got kicked off of

2015-11-29 12:15:27 by Jetly

YO PARTY PEOPLE. I'm coming up on hour I dunno of no sleep, so this might get a bit wonky, but bare with me. So, over the past few months I've been slapped in the face and rammed up the butt with school and it's been making me steer away from what I like to do, which is *BS (*Bull Shit) But that ain't the way it is, so I'm getting back on the horse of drawing for fun and I have proof! . My goal from this is to get better and better and better and quit school, nah just kidding, school is alright. So expect more things from me. A comic? maybe, probably not for a long time, but that is the plan. Thanks for reading, make sure to like and subscribe to my channel. just search up and i'm like 49 pages into google search unless the page has gotten taken down. yeah.


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